Handmade Jewelry

Inspired by myth, folklore, fairytale, and legend

I say that a myth is a story which has particular energy, mythic resonance. I always say that a myth is a tear in the fabric of reality through which all of this spiritual energy pours.

Jay Parini

Ethically Derived from Nature

All Mythic Metal jewelry pieces are carefully and ethically sourced with the intention of giving new life and new meaning to a nature derived stone or material- like snake skin and butterfly wings. Each piece contains a history, perhaps as ancient as the deepest caves, and a mystery.

You are invited to explore the selection and encouraged to use these pieces to help shape your own unique story.

Lisa created a one of a kind ring that I get compliments on almost daily. It is a simple, elegant sterling opal, totally unique in every way. It fits perfectly and is so comfortable- I love it!


Lisa created a beautiful owl necklace that is very meaningful to me as it represents inner wisdom through the many lessons I have learned throughout my life. I wear it close to my heart as a reminder of how much I have grown.


I sent Lisa a request for custom pieces for my mom and my wife. She was very knowledgeable about the materials and made suggestions that helped guide us through the process, which made it extremely easy. The pieces turned out beautifully and they are very special gifts that can be passed along later down the road.